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Lightfair International Showcases Ongoing Trends in Lighting, Controls and Applications 
This year, Lightfair is all about not only the deep penetration of LEDs into every nook and cranny of the lighting market but also a bunch of IoT-enabled, app-based lighting controls; tuneable light; and a whole new level of productivity tools.
Top 200 Distributors See Sales Growing 
There was an unusually high number of distributors forecasting double-digit increases this year.
Natural Gas & Renewables Dominate Power Producers’ New Construction & Proposals 
As of last year natural gas has surpassed coal as the largest part of the nation’s fuel mix for the first time ever, accounting for 34%. Coal is now at 30.4%, followed by nuclear (19.7%); hydroelectric power (6.5%); non-hydro renewables (8.3%); fuel oil (0.6%); and other (0.5%).
Texas Leads Nation in Oil & Gas Production with Big Increase in Permian Basin Drilling and Solid Increase in Eagle-Ford Basin 
Oil & gas is a very regional business, and the seven regions shown in the charts on this page accounted for 92% of domestic oil production growth and all domestic natural gas production growth during 2011-14.
EM Data Points to a Mix of Metro Stars and Soft Markets in NAED South Central Region 
NAED’s eclectic South Central Region touches on a diverse array of metropolitan areas with a dizzying assortment of micro-economic climates.
NEMRA Debuts Power Pact Tool for Members 
The Power Pact is based in part on a recent study of association members on the relationship between independent manufacturers’ reps and electrical manufacturers by the Alexander Group.
50 Top Counties in Contractor Sales 
National electrical contractor employment increased almost 17% cumulatively from 2012 to the middle of 2016 to 851,903 employees.
Indicators Point to Healthy 2017 Economic Climate for NAED’s Western Region 
Many states in NAED’s Western Region also enjoyed the benefit of massive amounts of population growth over the past year and in some cases were among the nation’s leaders, according to some new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Wind and Solar Advocates Worried About Future Support from Trump Administration 
Boosters for the renewables industry are still in wait-and-see mode when it comes to the Trump Administration’s future policies for energy efficiency.
Many U.S. Metros See Construction Employment Declines YOY Through October 
Construction employment declined or was stagnant in one-third of metro areas between Oct. 2015 and Oct. 2016 “amid diminishing public-sector investments in infrastructure and other civil works.”
EM’s 2017 Product Sales Potential Data 
Electrical Marketing subscribers will now have exclusive access to regional annual sales forecasts for more than 20 electrical product categories, including lighting equipment; distribution equipment & switchgear; circuit protection equipment; boxes and enclosures; wiring devices, utility products and VDV (voice-data-video) equipment.
Single-Family Construction Market May Emerge as Key Growth Driver in 2017 
It looks like a good chunk of any growth in the 2017 electrical construction market may come from the single-family construction market, which several construction economists recently pegged as a growth niche for the overall U.S. economy in 2017 and 2018.
Sylvania Brand Back Home at Ledvance 

It has been a year full of changes for Sylvania, one of the best-known lighting brands in the world. A new owner. A new headquarters with a state-of-the-art training center. And new challenges in the fast-moving LED lighting market.

Electrical Distributors See Slow Growth and Conservative Investment Scenario in 2017 
The Electrical Wholesaling survey didn’t show any regions of the country with much higher growth prospects than the national average, although the West North Central, Mountain and Pacific regions were all over 4%.
Contractor Employment Increases Point to Increased Sales Potential in Many MSAs 
The Boston and Sacramento MSAs stood out from the pack with double-digit employment increases over the latest three months and year-over-year.
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