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Jul 09, 2014

Security Firm Hacks Connected LED Lighting System

Amid all the froth around the Internet of Things we’ve heard very little discussion of the security implications of those widget-packed networks. A....More
Jul 09, 2014

Reality Check on Distributors' Amazon Worries

Distribution consultant Frank Hurtte of River Heights Consulting, Davenport, Iowa, posted a piece on his blog last week that casts a far more....More
Jul 09, 2014

General Cable Announces 1,000 Layoffs in Restructuring for Better Profitability

General Cable, Highland Heights, Ky., today announced a restructuring program that the wire and cable giant expects to produce annual savings of $75....More
Jul 09, 2014

Sonepar Germany Acquires BTF-Group

Sonepar, Paris, France, said its German division, Sonepar Deutschland, acquired a sizable distributor based in Germany's central region, BTF-Group....More
Jul 02, 2014

Philips Combines Lumileds and Automotive Lighting for Spin-Off

Royal Philips, Amsterdam, Netherlands, which since its acquisition of Lumileds in 2005 has been pushing solid-state lighting research and product....More
Jun 27, 2014

Energy Watch News: Modesto, Calif., Could Pull Plug On Energy Project

It seems that despite all the work and enthusiasm going on around energy efficiency and the push to upgrade roadway lighting systems to LED sources,....More
Jun 26, 2014

Allied Wire & Cable wins export award from U.S. Commerce Dept.

Allied Wire & Cable was recognized for its contributions to the expansion of U.S. exports in a May 28 ceremony in Washington, D.C....More
Jun 25, 2014

EBCI holds steady in June at just below 50-point growth indicator

NEMA’s Electroindustry Business Conditions Index (EBCI) for current conditions in North America was unchanged in June at 50....More
Jun 24, 2014

Buffett willing to double investment in wind and solar to $30 billion

Warren Buffett built his fortune with conservative investments in banks, insurance companies, electric utilities, consumer staples and railroads, he....More
Jun 18, 2014

GE Works the Details to Separate Alstom Bid from Others’

Details of refinements being worked on by General Electric, Fairfield, Conn., in negotiations with France over GE’s proposed $17 billion acquisition....More
Jun 13, 2014

Amazon testing local services

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sees another new market for his company – local services, according to articles posted by Forbes and Reuters. Said the....More
May 29, 2014

GE Lighting and ByteLight Team on In-Store Location

The appearance of a new partnership between lighting giant GE Lighting and a Boston-based startup company exploring location systems that connect....More

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