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Apr 04, 2017

Madison Electric Appoints Phoenix Sales and Marketing

The rep firm, based in Halethorpe, MD, now handles Madison’s sales representative responsibilities in Maryland, the District of Columbia and the....More
Apr 04, 2017

Hubbell Lighting Appoints Rep in Northern California

Hubbell Lighting, Greenville, NC, has appointed Lighting Systems, Berkeley, CA, as its new representative throughout Northern California....More
Apr 04, 2017

Universal Lighting Technologies Partners with Latin America Electrical Representatives

Universal Lighting Technologies, Nashville, TN, signed an agency partnership with Latin America Electrical Representatives (LAREPS), Mexico City,....More
Apr 03, 2017

Graybar makes executive changes

David Maxwell, Dennis DeSousa and Bill Mansfield have been given new assignments in the Graybar executive team....More
Mar 31, 2017

Cree and Ledvance Cross-License Lighting Technologies

The licensed patents address various aspects of forming an LED light including optics, heat management, LED power and control, LED light efficiency....More
Mar 31, 2017

Navigant Forecasts Global Decline in Lamp Revenues

Navigant Research put out its latest analysis of the energy-efficient lighting market and came to the conclusion that declining unit prices for lamps....More
Mar 31, 2017

DOE Study Examines Connected Lighting’s Reporting Capabilities

Advances in Ethernet cabling technology and standards, along with advances in luminous efficacy of LED lighting enables connected lighting systems....More
Mar 31, 2017

Power Products Ownership Changes

Power Products brands include Del City, Gardner Bender, Sperry Instruments and Lenco Marine....More
Mar 29, 2017

Petersen joins Enavate, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system provider

Enavate, a Denver-based provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software has hired Matt Petersen as senior director of industry solutions to lead....More
Mar 23, 2017

Kevin Powell Named President of Summit Electric Supply

Powell has served on the boards of Supply Force, Vanguard National Alliance, and several non-profit organizations as well as on the National....More
Mar 22, 2017

Shuji Mori Named CEO of Yokogawa America

Mori, who has been with the company almost three decades, began his career as an engineer, helping implement systems projects for Yokogawa customers....More
Mar 22, 2017

Cross Joins Tempo as Central Region Sales Manager

Cross served recently as a regional sales manager for Contrast lighting, and spent many years both as specification sales manager for GE Lighting and....More
Mar 21, 2017

NEMRA Announces Members of NMG Executive Committee and NEMRA Board of Directors

NEMRA recently announced the members of the NEMRA Board of Directors Executive Committee and the NMG Executive Committee....More
Mar 20, 2017

MLS and Lighting Science Join Forces in New Private-Label Lighting Company

The joint venture will operate under the name Global Value Lighting and will be based in Rhode Island, capitalizing on Lighting Science’s technology....More
Mar 20, 2017

CALiPER Snapshot finds LED troffer performance matching fluorescents

The database now has almost four times the number of products listed in its previous troffer Snapshot report in 2014....More

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